So what's the catch? How much does it cost?

-This is the best part. The program is 100% FREE! It costs absolutely nothing to join. The Department will supply all necessary gear and equipment. 

Sounds great! Where can I join?

-It is really simple to join the Cadet Program. All you need to do is fill out the contact section on the "Members Needed" page and include all necessary contact information. Be sure to say that you are wanting to join the Cadet Program so we can have the correct person contact you. All you will need is to fill out the application, have your parent or legal guardian sign a permission form, and attend the first meeting with you. Your Cadet Advisor will explain all of this to you in detail.

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Are you interested in firefighting? Do you want to learn the basics, and have fun doing it? Are you between 16-18 years of age? If so, the GVFD Cadet Program is the perfect fit for you!

What do Cadets do?

-A Fire Cadet with the GVFD is an essential part  to our operations. They provide support on fire  scenes to firefighters. Cadets provide air support, retrieve essential tools, and can even fight fire from the outside. All of this is done under close supervision by a senior member.

What are the requirements to be a Cadet?

-The requirements are fairly simple. You must be between 16-18 years old, maintain at least a "C" average in all academic courses, live in the GVFD coverage area, and have your parent/legal guardian's permission.

What all do Cadet's learn about in the program?

-We recognize that young members within the department may not have any firefighting experience. So, we train and learn about everything from basic tool usage to effective fire stream usage. The Cadet Program is designed to enhance knowledge of the Fire Service and expose young members to all aspects of firefighting. The Cadet's either train as a group, or train along with Senior Firefighters. You will receive most of the same training normal firefighters get.  

Gray Volunteer Fire Department Cadet Program